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The Nloop.AI suite of products addresses the challenges in planning, forecasting, executing and optimizing advertising campaigns across digital and traditional media channels. Solutions exist to address all of these tasks individually. However, no solutions bring them together in a cohesive package to deliver insightful and actionable campaigns that can be executed quickly and accurately. Integrating AI as an aid through the process provides additional insight and efficiency while keeping you in loop to make sure the context and character of your campaigns come through in the final results.

Nventory leverages advanced AI to analyze data across multiple marketing channels, offering predictive insights, real-time forecasting, and custom-tailored media mixes. It integrates in-depth geographic and customer persona research to help advertisers put their best foot forward. The platform constantly adapt to market changes, ensuring dynamic and effective strategies. This approach empowers marketers to optimize media mixes and budget allocations, revolutionizing research-based marketing strategy development.

N-able improves the sales process by streamlining administrative tasks that previously took sellers out of the market. The comprehensive product offers tools for contract generation, product rate setting, insertion order creation, execution, reporting, and communication packaged in a thoughtfully designed interface.

N-able facilitates streamlined processes from ideation to final reporting and analysis. Its clean and concise workflows ensure efficient task management throughout the entire ticket lifecycle. With auto task assignment by default, requests are promptly directed to the appropriate teams upon submission, enhancing responsiveness and accountability. Additionally, N-able’s onboard AI allows for real-time campaign trafficking, significantly reducing the time from contract execution to market implementation.

N-able and Ntelligence combine to deliver unparalleled data analytics capabilities, leveraging over 6,000 data sources to extract strategic insights. Gone are the days of sifting through multiple spreadsheets in an effort to understand the complete picture. With our advanced data visualization platform, complex datasets are wrangled into clear, actionable insights, empowering confident decision-making.

Organizations can confidently navigate regulatory requirements and mitigate disputes through verifiable records of communication and transaction history, available on demand through N-able. By meticulously documenting all interactions and modifications, N-able ensures transparency and accountability throughout the deal lifecycle. This level of detail not only keeps all parties informed but also provides a clear audit trail for compliance purposes.



Revolutionize your marketing strategy with our AI-driven platform that offers unprecedented cross-channel forecasting and planning alongside unparalleled market research intelligence.
The purpose-built sales and operations platform boasts centralized campaign management, top-tier auto trafficking and optimization, advanced vendor routing, and peace of mind compliance.
Transform complex data from more than 6,000 sources into strategic insights with our advanced data visualization platform, empowering you to make strategic decisions with confidence.

Automated Media Planning
In An Easy-To-Use Interface
With Nventory

  • Realtime forecasting pulled directly from each platform
  • Comprehensive outputs that are executable and accurate
  • Flexible formatting to allow for easy presentation
  • Inspire AI to empower your campaign decisions
  • Population, Political and Healthcare demographic information

Supercharge Your Workflow
With N-able

  • End to end order management
  • Individual and teamwide communication and updates
  • Performance monitoring
  • Task prioritization and day planning
  • Team management and resource planning
  • Business intelligence
  • Fast and accurate billing solutions

Take Control Of Your Data With
Ntelligence Reporting

  • Endless data point integration
  • Flexible data representation and optimization
  • Business intelligence platform
  • Accessible campaign reporting dashboard
  • Exportable data for integrating into presentations

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